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At Canyon Lake Veterinary Hospital, we offer a full range of in house laboratory tests. We also utilize our network of referral laboratories and universities for any specialized test that we may need. You will receive the most timely and accurate information regarding your pet's health.

The following is a list of some of the diagnostic and monitoring tests that Canyon Lake Veterinary Hospital can perform:

  • Blood Chemistry Panels provide information about how various organs, such as kidneys, pancreas and liver are functioning.
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) measures the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets
  • Urinalysis and Urine Cultures, Fecal Analysis
  • Aspiration Biopsy, Histopathology, Skin Cytology, Ear Discharge Analysis, Fungal Culture, Bacterial Culture/Sensitivity
  • Heartworm, Felv/FIV, Parvo testing
  • Thyroid Testing and Monitoring, Diabetes, Hyper/Hypoadrenocorticism testing and monitoring
  • Fungal Culture, Bacterial Culture and Sensitivity
  • Eye tests including eye pressure with a Tonopen, tear production and fluorescene stain to detect defects in the cornea
  • Varl Allergy Testing for environmental and food allergies
  • Bladder Stone Analysis to determine the make up of uroliths for future prevention
  • Wisdom Panel is a DNA test that will identify a mixed dog's ancestry
  • DNA testing for the MDR1 mutation that causes some dogs to have a possible adverse reaction involving over a dozen drugs.
  • And many other tests when indicated

Performing laboratory testing can uncover many hidden health problems in your pet. Click on cat or dog to view potential diseases that can be detected.

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